International moving quote. How does it work?

International moving quote. How does it work?
Are you going to move abroad? You will probably face many obstacles. One of the projects you will have to arrange is the relocation of your belongings to the destination country. This article provides insight into how you can go through the process of receiving and selecting a good quote. A good offer is the fundament for a carefree international removal.

The process starts with the selection of an international moving company: a party you have confidence in, a company that suits you.

Selection of an international moving company
While selecting a professional, international moving company to request a quote  from for your international move, you should consider the following:

  • International overseas moving experience: when visiting the company’s website, you can find out whether the company has extensive international moving experience. Make sure it is a removal company with overseas moving experience. An overseas move involves a different level of expertise than a European move by road.

The challenge with an overseas move is the paperwork; the customs clearance of your belongings. It is essential that customs clearance is properly supervised to ensure the process runs smoothly.

  • Reputation: always check reviews on the internet. How did the company perform last year? You can consult your network: which international moving company is recommended is recommended by your fellow expats?
  • International network of overseas agents: it is crucial that the moving company cooperates with reliable overseas partners. Ask about their overseas network during your call or survey.
  • Corporate: Is the moving company used to working with corporate accounts and customers? Does the company have extended experience in working with expats? Which corporate accounts are part of their portfolio?
  • Flexibility: Is the company flexible? Do they offer flexible service? Is the company willing to think with you? Does your contact person come up with practical solutions?
  • Culture and communication: What is the culture of the company? Do you feel comfortable with the way they communicate?
  • Contact and service: Are you satisfied with the process regarding your request to receive an international moving quote? Does the company work accurately?

During the quotation process for your international move, you will learn a lot about the company. Tip: Ask lots of questions. During the process you will find out which company suits you best.


UTS International
UTS International is a well-known name in the relocation industry. Many people have gone before you. UTS International is known for its professional and personal way of working.

Your move is coordinated from the head office and is carried out by local UTS companies.

Request your quote here!

Request an international moving quote
Most international moving companies provide quotes free of charge. A quotation is always personal and fully tailored to your situation. We recommend not to ask for more than two quotes from different moving companies.

You can request a quote by phone, email or through the company’s website. Be prepared: your contact person will ask many questions about your situation before the company issues a quotation.

For larger volumes or special situations, the moving company will often suggest making an appointment at your home.

This appointment, the so-called survey, can also take place online. In this case your contact person watches you and your home through a camera while you walk through the house showing your belongings.

In both cases, your move will be discussed from A to Z. The total volume of your belongings will be estimated, the total removal costs will be calculated after the survey.

Discuss whether you want a full service package or whether you want to take care of certain parts yourself, such as packing.

UTS International
UTS International always offers a survey: at your home or online. UTS International prefers to know as much as possible about your (relocation) situation to serve you best. Within a few days after the survey, you will receive your quote for your international move by e-mail.

Price structure international moving quote

The quotation consists of several parts: variable costs, depending on the volume and fixed costs

  • Packing materials
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transport to and from port
  • Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking if required
  • Removal of packing materials
  • Port charges
  • Container handling charges


You may also come across costs that are not included in the international moving quote. Pay close attention to those exclusions when comparing quotations from different companies. Make sure you make an fair comparison.

Groupage shipments
An interesting development in the world of international moving is the grouping of several shipments in one container. Not every moving company masters this most modern, economical and efficient way of moving.

Ask for this service. It may provide you with a favorable offer for your international move!

Acceptance and payment
After you have carefully reviewed your international moving quote and all your questions have been answered ánd you are satisfied with the price………you have come to the right partner!

You can accept the offer, set the moving dates and discuss the planning with your contact person.

It is not unusual for the moving company to ask for a down payment. In many cases, the full payment for all services must be settled before your shipment leaves the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about our international moving services? Overseas, by road, air or storage? Do not hesitate and contact our UTS International team. We are happy to help you.
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