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Our expert international moving services. What can you expect?

Going to move abroad? There is a lot to arrange. Schooling, old home, packing, new residence, cancellation of memberships, taxes, insurance, permits, vaccinations.

Good news: You can outsource the actual physical international relocation itself.  You can choose to do parts of the move yourself or opt for our full service package. This article describes what you can expect from our international moving services.

The following topics will be discussed in this article:

  • Quote
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Artwork
  • Cleaning
  • Dis-assembling and reassembling
  • Customs clearance
  • Handyman services
  • Storage
  • Insurance

Flex service

At UTS International we believe it’s important that you can choose the service that suits you best. What is your relocation budget, and how much time do you have to prepare the move? What do you prefer: Should we do everything or do you prefer to pack and unpack personal belongings yourself?

Discuss your wishes with our UTS colleague, together we will come up with the best relocation plan for your move. Many people opt for our optimal international moving services: UTS International takes care of everything: packing, disassembling and reassembling, unpacking, handyman services.

Some customers choose to pack themselves: while you are cleaning up and sorting out everything, you will have all items in your hands anyway. The packing of valuable, fragile items is often left to us.


Which relocation company do you select? To make the right choice, you need a good quotation. A quotation that describes exactly which service is included, no surprises.

Everything concerning your move will be discussed during a so-called “survey”. This is an appointment with our UTS colleague. He or she will discuss the move with you in person. The survey can take place at your home or online.

During this meeting, you can discuss the entire move with us in detail. What exactly are your wishes? What is the desired planning?

It is important that you have a good feeling with the relocation company. Is there special attention for your personal wishes?

Read our article “Costs of international moves” here.


Packing and loading of household effects for an international move is a specialist job. UTS International uses special packing materials. The use of these materials ensures that your belongings are properly protected for international transport.

With our optimal international moving service package, UTS International will pack every item for you. Our packing teams are trained and work carefully and professionally. The packing list (inventory list) is carefully kept.

You can also choose to pack (part of) your belongings yourself. This can be a practical solution to keep overview. For some clients, the international move is the perfect time to clean up and not to have everything simply packed and shipped. For others it is a financial matter. You can even choose to use your own packing materials.

UTS International always recommends having valuable and/or fragile items professionally packed.

Read more about useful packing tips here.


In case you have special, fragile items to move, such as art, chandeliers or clocks, we suggest to have special wooden crates made. These custom-made crates offer the best protection during international transport.

These crates are costly, but can be reused during your next move.

Do you have (wooden) antique items or precious art? When moving to a country with an extremely humid or dry climate, we recommend to seek advice from a specialist. In some cases it is wiser not to move certain items to avoid permanent damage.


Many of our clients use their own house cleaners or have a relationship with a cleaning company. If you would like to outsource the deep cleaning of your home, just let us know and we will arrange professional cleaning for you.

UTS International will take care of the cleaning of your house in cooperation with a reliable partner. We have worked with this company for many years, they are member of our international moving services team.

De -and reassembly

De – and reassembly can be time-consuming and frustrating. UTS International will be happy to take this off your hands. Our teams are experienced, have the right tools and work fast.  If you choose to dis – and reassembling yourself, we recommend to take photos during the disassembly. This will facilitate reassembly at destination.

Another advice: Make sure you keep all loose screws in separate bags or small boxes. Pack all these bags and boxes in one dedicated box: indicate per box/bag which item the screws belong to.


Our customers regularly need storage. If, for whatever reason, you do not want to take all your belongings with you, you can place them in our storage. UTS International has various warehouses throughout the Netherlands. These warehouses are specially designed for storage of household goods.

Our packing team will pack the items for long term storage. They register everything on packing lists (inventory lists) which is part of our international moving service. These lists are very practical to keep track on what is in the storage. When you are in the Netherlands, you can always visit your storage by appointment.

Customs clearance

When you are moving to or from the EU, we will always arrange customs clearance for you. International law concerning customs clearance of household goods is our specialty. UTS International has years of experience in this field. Our advice: do not do this yourself. Leave it to the specialist to avoid stress and unnecessary costs.

Your contact person at UTS International, the move coordinator, will guide you through this process. Together you will go through the process step by step. There is no need to worry about this. Customs clearance is a standard part of our international relocation services.

Unloading, placing and unpacking

Unloading and placing your furniture and boxes is included in the quote. Unpacking is a separate service. Most people do not opt for this, because it is practical and pleasant to organize your own new home. However, unpacking is a time-consuming task.

If you want to settle quickly and don’t want to live between boxes for weeks…… if you prefer to be in the mess for as short as possible, we advise you to choose our unpacking service.  If you do so, then also opt for the handyman service.

Get the most out of our international moving services. This way you will be completely settled in your new home within the shortest possible time.

Handyman service

Where the service of our relocation team stops, the handyman takes over. The handyman hangs lights, connects washing machines. The handyman team hangs paintings, pictures, mirrors and other items on the wall and assembles like the best.

If you are considering this special service, discuss this in advance with your UTS contact person. In general, you can book a handyman per full or half day.


UTS International offers all-risk insurance at an attractive premium. We recommend our clients to always consider an all-risk insurance policy. The premium for this insurance is mentioned in the quotation as a percentage of the total value of your household effects.

UTS International wishes you all the best with planning your upcoming international move. Make sure you are well informed and prepared.

Schedule your appointment with UTS International on time, so it’s possible to get the preparations to start well ahead of time.  We are here to support you!

Read here our article “International move. How do I prepare?”.

The world moves with us.

International moving relocation service

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