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Tips and tricks for your international relocation
These smart packing tips and tricks together with our international relocation checklist are based on the experiences of our customers over the past 30 years. The tips and tricks provide an overview of the packing process. Remember that each relocation case is different and has its own particularities.

The checklist can be modified to suit your personal situation and planning requirements. Do you have any questions? Please contact us directly or use the contact form. UTS International are happy to assist you.

Do you want to pack your belongings or leave that to us?
The UTS relocation team can pack all your belongings so you need not to worry about anything. Our highly trained staff will ensure that all the items are packed properly. You may also choose to do your own packing. We recommend that at least your fragile items and furniture are left in the hands of our experienced team.

If you prefer to do your own packing, we have some useful tips for you.

Useful tips if you will do the packing

  • Before starting: make sure you have enough moving boxes, tape, labels and packing paper.
  • Start packing as soon as you get the moving boxes. Time passes faster than you think.
  • Make a packing schedule for each space and room. Start with a room that is not used often (such as an attic or shed).
  • Use a labels on each moving box to describe its content. That way, you will know what is inside and where it should be placed.
  • Hold on to the inventory list you received from us.
  • If you have received labels and inventory lists in advance, start labeling and filling them out. Make sure that only the boxes are labeled.
  • On the moving day, have the remaining lists ready for our moving team.
  • Place the boxes against a wall so that the room is not obstructed.
  • If you will do the disassembling: take pictures of the furniture before dismantling. Leave markings, such as the left or right door, to prevent confusion and frustration during re
  • Do not leave keys in desk drawers or cabinets. Label them and keep separate in a key bag.
  • Keep important documents in a folder apart to make sure they do not disappear into a box.
  • Keep your coffee maker and accessories separate. These can be put into a box at the last minute. After all, they are indispensable on the moving day!
  • Make sure all luggage you will travel with is clearly marked and kept in a safe place. This way, it will not be packed by mistake.
  • Use this international relocation checklist combined with your personal notes.

Packing materials
Note: boxes will be stacked, so make sure that the top is flat.

  • Book box: small size boxes can be filled with books. Close them with tape. One strip of tape over the seams is enough. Use them also for glassware and pottery
  • Moving box: place the moving box with the top downwards. First push down the small flaps and then the large ones. Stick a strip of tape over the seam first. When the box is full, push the flaps down again. One strip of tape over the seam is enough.

Use the larger moving boxes for big, lightweight items such as toys, plastic bins, folded clothes, etc. It is better to use extra boxes than to make them too heavy. Fill the remaining spaces with some light items such as pillows and tablecloths.

  • Wardrobe boxes: for your hanging clothes. If you wish to use these boxes, they will be delivered on the moving day. Other clothes can be packed in regular boxes.

International relocation checklist
An international relocation is a complex process. There are many things to organize to be properly prepared for the move. The challenge is to keep a broad perspective where nothing is overlooked. Moving to another country requires planning so that everything is arranged on time: immigration documents, insurance, schooling, vaccinations, taxes, and several other things. If you are moving abroad, we advise the use of the following international relocation checklist as a guide.

90 days before departure

  • Book your flights and, if necessary, make hotel reservations
  • If applicable: inform your children’s school that you are moving abroad and request transfer certificates.
  • Taking your pet with you? Check the quarantine regulations in the country of destination and arrange for your pet’s transportation. Seek advice from a trusted party, such as Skyfast.
  • Schedule an appointment with UTS International to request a quote.
  • Print all important documents and keep together in one folder. Also, keep their digital versions in a folder on your computer.
  • Check which immigration documents are required in the country you are moving to. Many countries ask for official paperwork to be certified in order to be processed.
  • Make sure you and your family have valid passports (6-12 months minimum validity) and necessary visas. You can organize this yourself or request assistance from an external source such as
  • Inquire about international driving licenses. If necessary, you can contact the ANWB to organize one.
  • Research whether any vaccinations are needed. Book appointments and get an international vaccination booklet. This can be done through the GGD.
  • Update all relevant agencies such as banks, pension funds, insurance and municipality with your new or postal address.
  • Cancel all subscriptions and memberships: sports clubs, associations, magazines, newspapers, food delivery, etc.
  • Are you taking any medications? Check whether they are available in the country of destination. If not, make sure you bring enough supplies with you. Ask your doctor for a travel document to present in customs.
  • Are you going to sell your house? Begin the selling process.
  • Are you going to rent out your house? Action all minor repairs and make arrangements with the rental agency.
  • Market all items worth selling.

30 Days before departure

  • Confirm that you have updated your address with every important institution.
  • Notify gas, water and power providers of your move.
  • Cancel the contract with your internet provider unless your new tenants will use the service.
  • Cancel your mobile phone subscription, or consider transferring to a sim-only plan to keep the same number.
  • Terminate your contents insurance or transfer the policy to your new address.
  • If you will rent out your property, make sure everything is in good condition and create an inventory list of everything that is left behind.
  • Start packing and leave only essential items for the final weeks.
  • Nominate an authorized representative in the Netherlands. Leave a copy of important documents with them.
  • If necessary, put your car on sale.

Moving Day

  • Keep the luggage you will travel with separate.
  • Make sure nothing has been left behind in your house. Check every room and inside closets.
  • Go over the schedule and inventory lists with the UTS relocation team.
  • We advise you to stay in a hotel room once the relocation process begins. Give yourself some privacy and tranquility in what can be an overwhelming period.

Confirm that everything in the international relocation checklist has been covered. Remember to take pictures to capture such an important milestone in your life. The next step is an adventure into a new life!

Checklist international moving relocation preparations

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