International relocation costs

What is the cost of an international relocation?
The cost of an international relocation depends on several factors. In this article you will read about the costs expected in a relocation and how you could reduce them. It varies according to your budget, available time, flexibility and personal preferences.

Different types of international relocations
Technically, these are the types of moves:

  • Domestic relocations
  • European relocation within the EU – by road
  • European relocation outside the EU – by road
  • Overseas relocation – sea freight
  • Overseas relocation – air freight
  • Storage
  • Project/office relocation

Domestic relocations
This article focuses on international relocations.

European relocations within the EU – by road
No customs formalities are required for relocations within the EU. You do not have to worry about export or customs clearance of your household goods. In the case of an European relocation by road, your household goods will be loaded onto a specialized removal van. You can use special packaging for fragile items.

Depending on your arrangements with the relocation company, your belongings will be transported in an individual moving van or a shared one. Usually, the driver will arrive alone and receive assistance from a local relocation company to unload and place your belongings into the new address.

Always choose an experienced relocation company who is familiar with the country of destination.

The cost of a European move consists of:

  • Packing: whether you do your own packing or have it done for you.
  • Packing materials
  • Dismantling and assembly: whether you do it yourself or have it done for you.
  • Special requests
  • Volume of your household goods
  • Distance of the total journey
  • Loading and unloading: use of elevator, is the truck able to park close to the address, etc.

If you are flexible with the arrival date, consider a shared move (groupage service). Consult our UTS team about possibilities.

Request a quote for your relocation within Europe.

European relocations outside the EU – by road
Relocating from a EU country to one outside the EU is similar to a relocation within the EU. The only difference is that there are customs formalities involved. Your household goods will have to be cleared through customs.

Choose a competent relocation company with experience in customs formalities. UTS International is an expert in the field. We will organize all customs paperwork so you need not to worry about this.

Get a quote for your relocation to a non-EU country.

Read more about European relocations here.

Overseas relocations – sea freight
Most overseas moves are done via sea freight. The period in which the goods are in transit allows time for arrangements, such as paperwork and finding a home, to be done.

In an overseas relocation, your belongings are carefully packed. Furniture and larger items that are not packed into boxes receive special attention. Crates can be built for special items, like artwork.

Your shipment will be loaded into a shipping container, either alone or grouped with other shipments.

The length of time in transit depends on several factors:

  • Packing
  • Departure of container from the port
  • Sailing time
  • Customs clearance
  • Unloading of container

Contact our UTS team for a realistic schedule for the entire relocation process. Our UTS consultants can provide an accurate estimate on duration and cost of the relocation.

Remember that good preparation is essential for a carefree international relocation. Here you will find a useful article International relocation checklist”.

The cost of an overseas relocation includes:

  • Packing: whether you do your own packing or have it done for you.
  • Packing materials
  • Dismantling and assembly: whether you do it yourself or have it done for you.
  • Special requirements such as special crates
  • Volume of your household goods
  • Sea freight
  • Loading and unloading: use of elevator, is the truck able to park close to the address, etc.
  • Storage, if needed

UTS International’s quote always includes customs clearance and standard port charges. Have this in mind when comparing quotes!

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Overseas relocations – air freight
If you need your personal belongings to arrive quickly, you can choose air freight. Depending on the volume and weight of your household goods, you can ship everything via air freight or combine with sea freight.

Our UTS consultants will inform you about costs and options.

Request a quote for your overseas move by air.

If you are moving abroad temporarily, you may wish to leave some of your belongings in storage. This might be the case, for example, when you are moving to a furnished house or when you do not want to risk moving fragile items back and forth.

UTS International has 12 storage facilities in the Netherlands. These locations are especially suitable for household goods. Your belongings will be specially packed, placed and stored.

Business relocation
An absolutely different type of relocation are business relocations. Within the relocation industry, these are an entirely different branch. Find more information about business relocations at UTS Nederland.

Do your own packing or have someone else pack for you
Doing your own packing can save you money. If that is your preference, UTS International recommends the following:

  • Packing your own boxes: no problem.
  • Read more about how to pack
  • Fragile and valuable items: have them wrapped.
  • Furniture and large items: have them packed for you.

UTS International recommends the use of specialized packing materials. We can provide these to you. Please make sure you follow the instructions on how to create an inventory list. This can save many troubles during customs clearance.

Time and budget
One thing is certain: you are the master of your wallet. Some have a generous relocation budget thanks to good savings or employer funding. Others have smaller budgets and need to save extra time to do more things themselves.

Some people have been planning their emigration for years, while others only have a few weeks to organize everything. UTS International understands that every situation is different. That is why we offer a variety of service packages.

We do everything in our power to ensure you have a carefree move.

Value of your furniture
It is important to determine in advance what your furniture is worth to you: that is, its financial and emotional value. There are significant differences among household goods: from classical, antique inventory to modern, easy-to-assemble furniture. You need to carefully consider which items are replaceable and which are cherished.

In all cases, UTS International recommends getting a comprehensive insurance policy. This option will always be offered in our quotation.

Despite all efforts, damage may occur during transportation. Report these damages to us as soon as possible. Please send photo evidence of the damage so that UTS International can assess your case.

International relocation quotes
Are you planning an international relocation? We recommend that you work with a reliable, reputable relocation company with a trusted international network. Ask advice from those who have gone before you, consult your employer and read independent reviews for the companies you are considering.

Schedule an appointment with a reliable company. This appointment can take place at your home or, in many cases, there will be an online option. Pay attention to which services and costs are included in the offer.

If you are flexible, you can request special groupage rates. Groupage cannot reach every destination and is not offered by every company, as it requires expert knowledge.

UTS International has over 30 years of experience providing international relocation services. Our network of international partners is based on long-term collaborations. We know each other well!

Our UTS team is familiar with expats and emigrants relocations. The world moves with us!

This article does not include specific rates but provides insight regarding the costs you can expect when moving internationally.

Every case is different. Determine your special requirements and preferences, and consider your available time and budget. Begin preparation in advance, as time passes faster than you think.

Moving to another country involves a lot of work. Besides all practical matters, you will also have to deal with emotions. Not worrying about the relocation and being able to focus on other things is a pleasant relief.

Read the most frequently asked questions concerning an international relocation.

international relocation costs

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